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Utilise features of the best online tuition site to take you to the next level. Enhanced interactive whiteboard sessions that are converted to recorded videos for revision.

Online & Offline Classes

Clear all your doubts in our tuition classes. Experience a customised pace and depth for your sessions in a progressive manner, flexible to your needs.

Mathematics Tuition

The mission of mathematics program at sahara education is to provide its students with a foundation for program solving skills and understanding the concepts in a proper method.
Our academic tutoring and exam preparation classes help students in the hardest curriculum, strengthen their skills and boost their grades and confidence.

Students take practise tests to reinforce the concepts they learnt in school, we then identify that what they need more help with next, the tutor guides them through an interactive session along with home works. At the end of each lesson, students sharpen their knowledge with an assessment test so that they don’t cram during exam time through regular assessments and interactive classes . we are providing personalised and testing learning support. #BestMathstuitioncenterindubai

Physics Tuition

Physics opens door to various fields of studies and career opportunities like engineering, medical, construction, etc.

looking for expert physics tuition ?

Welcome to sahara education institute. We provide you the best physics tuition in both online and offline. Our physics tutors teach students of all levels of various international curriculums. The students are trained systematically with optimized teaching methodologies and best study materials.

Chemistry & Biology Tuition

Chemistry has three broad disciplines: Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, and Physical chemistry, each with its own specializations. Yet, the subject itself and its scope are often overlooked since it is often hard to comprehend. Our institute offers excellent coaching in the subject, covering conceptual foundations up to higher-order problem solving skills for various curricula(Edexcel IGCSE, CIE IGCSE, Edexcel GCSE, AQA GCSE, AQA AS/A, Edexcel AS/A, CIE AS/A, CBSE, ICSE and American Curriculum). #BestChemistrytuitioncenterindubai
Biology studies life as well as matter which make life possible in the universe. It is a subject of vast study and multitude opportunities. The broad nature of biology majors allows them to gain knowledge about many aspects of the field, including ecology, cell biology, and marine biology. One of the most important landmarks in life science is the discovery of DNA structure and its sequencing, which enabled to understand the traits are transferred over generations. #BestBiologytuitioncenterindubai

Accounts | BS | Economics Tuition

Sahara Education provide Tuition classes for Accounts, Business Studies and Economics.

We specialize in all Curriculum. We are in your neighborhood. Open 6 days/week. Specializing in grades 1-12. Call now. Affordable Prices.  Convenient Location. 

English Tuition

English is conquering the world. Go to a new place and one needs to sustain ?! English helps you stay and survive.

Has being fluent in English stopped your progress in any way?

Join Sahara for a progressive phase of learning where you get personalized classes at your own comfort. Flexible timings, weekly reviews and customized study activities are exclusively designed for your happy learning experience.

Arabic & French Tuition

Spoken Arabic Classes Dubai – Explore Classes For All Levels
❍ Learn Arabic At Your Convenient Time.
❍ Classes For Beginners Or Advanced Levels.
❍ Flexible Schedules.
❍ Native Instructors.
❍ Free Assessment.
Join The Best Arabic Learning Course in Dubai at Sahara Education.
Take the best French language course only at Sahara Education. Our instructors are all certified and can teach basic to advanced students.
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