Traditional and Online Tutoring in Dubai


“Picture in your mind the thousands of graduates we send forth…[how many] do so with both professional competence and having a depth of experience with reality that transforms them at their deepest core? What more do we need to do to ensure we are not simply populating the world with bright and skilled superficialities?” –Adolfo Nicolas

Sahara has always been enriching the students in a unique teaching methodology. As best educational guidance provider in UAE, we know that student engagement is the primary need for learning retention and experiencing a great overall classroom tutoring technique. As the clock runs faster, education requires adaptation and to be updated. Students are not as easily enthralled as before by simple colourful animations in textbooks and monotonous songs to agree with learned concepts. Crafting an environment that is holistic and effective is vital for student learning.

Our Family has given guidance to thousands of students to guide and govern them in attaining high scores and also to develop their individuality, So as to succeed in their career and gain a reputation in the society. We provide repeated mock assessment to understand the students ability and make them effective in their area of specialization.

Sahara’s Virtual Tutoring

“The Students of future will demand the learning support that is appropriate for their situation or context. Nothing more nothing less. And they want it at the moment the need arises. Not sooner, not later. Mobile devices will be a key technology to be providing that learning support.”

– Dr. Marcus Specht

Live tutoring is not just a professional Job. It is more like a present way of living. Sahara virtual tutoring has reached all across the UAE and this methodology of educating is going to be the future of education and as we can see that is what it is happening around us. We have advanced virtual classroom methodology, where the students will experience a real classroom teaching in the virtual environment.

Sahara’s vision has come true in providing a world class virtual classroom teaching and we envision ourselves to provide the best live classroom teaching all across the globe. Our knowledge experts are being the best in the education service provider with highly experienced in virtual teaching technique and provide  vast materials in tutoring the mentee during the offline mode where they can practice on their own.