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Mythrayee R

Place: UAE
State: Dubai

Whatsapp: +971586699527


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Profile of Mythrayee R

Core Skills

➧ Tips and tricks on how to handle exams within the timeline with best scores.
➧ Knowledge of online teaching platforms and assist students with learning outside the classroom.

Profile Snapshot:

➧ Possess a genuine enthusiasm and passion for teaching.
➧ Proficient in the use of internet to promote interactive learning.
➧ Provide conceptual knowledge and make them visualize the things.
➧ Excellent interpersonal and communication skills


➧ B. Ed English Literature from Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore
➧ BEC, Cambridge University
➧B-Tech Information Technology


➧ Incorporated technologies in teaching like virtual presentation, PowerPoint Presentation to make the class smarter
➧ Provided extra care to the students who needed to make them achieve their goals
➧ Conducted seminars and symposiums to make the students aware of extracurricular areas
➧ Parent-teacher-student communication network established to avoid any sort of confusion


➧ Corporate training for interpersonal development
➧Handling spoken English classes of all age groups
➧Overall experience of teaching English based out of various syllabus and grades
➧Well verse in training students for IELTS, PTE, BEC and SAT

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