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Farhan S M

Place: UAE
State: Dubai
Whatsapp: +971586699527

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Profile of Farhan Salim Mansoori

Core Skills

➧ Planning & Program Development
➧ Curriculum Design
➧ Assessment & Evaluation
➧ Classroom Management
➧ Student Evaluation / Assessment

Profile Snapshot:

Dedicated, resourceful and innovative education professional with extensive experience in management, teaching and administration of academic activities. Exceptional expertise in strategic planning, curriculum and program development and creating favorable learning environments for students. Hands-on experience in instructing students on mathematics in classroom setting, internet or video conferences, prepare instructional support through material, instructional media and supplementary material. Adept at developing tests, quizzes and homework in print with availability for download on the web.


➧ Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from South West University in 2019
➧ Masters of Science (Mathematics) from Rashtriya Vishva Vidyapeeth University in 2015
➧ Bachelors in Science in Information Technology from Global Open University in 2013


➧ Over 8+ years of experience in teaching students of various curriculums.
➧ Experienced in meeting the needs of students and creating a stimulating and challenging learning environment, conducive to the highest level of achievement with emphasis on technology aided learning.
➧ Skilled in using aids (Math lab, smart board etc.) to give concrete idea of the concepts to the students besides providing relevant information and advice to management.
➧ Demonstrated strength by successfully collaborating with principal and colleagues with deployment of district mathematics initiatives, evaluate students, assign grades, add grades to school databases and document in completions.
➧ Brilliant communication, organizational and interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to establish meaningful partnerships with community Education institutions.
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