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Mr. Bensenada Abdeldjalil

Place: UAE
State: Dubai
Whatsapp: +971586699527

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Profile of Bensenada Abdeldjalil

Core Skills

➧ Sound knowledge of teaching French/Arabic in various school and college levels.
➧ Profound knowledge of teaching both teenagers and adults effectively Ability to maintain records and use technology in teaching process Ability to plan appropriate lessons for all students within class Proficient in teaching French to KS3, KS4 and KS5.

Profile Snapshot:

My goal is to deliver quality and interactive French/Arabic languages education in accordance with the laws and principles of the state and institution. In order to do this, I am prepared to impart the fullest of my abilities to capture the students’ attention and to use technology, various media and management techniques appropriately. My over three years of experience as a French/Arabic Teacher in two different institutions affirmed my qualifications and has enhanced my teaching abilities as well as provided me with indispensable first-hand teaching knowledge. If given the chance, I will use these advantages to help students enrich their experience in learning French/Arabic.


➧ Master 2 of sciences of education, IGCMO University.
➧ Bachelor of technology, UstoMb University.


➧ Over 5 years of experience in teaching French as a foreign language in various countries like France, Algeria and Morocco.
➧ Good hands on experience in teaching students in the classes.
➧ Experienced in tutoring students with exams.

All Curriculum1st to 12thARABIC / FRENCH