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Athira S Nair

Place: UAE
State: Dubai

Whatsapp: +971586699527


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Profile of Athira S Nair

Core Skills

➧ Expertise in advanced Mathematics including calculus and statistics.
➧ Excellent communication skills.
➧ Teaching qualities like motivating students to perform better.
➧ Problem solving

Profile Snapshot:

➧ Passionate teacher with experience in teaching Mathematics for 8th to 12th standard students and engineering students.
➧ The job roles involved tasks such as compiling question papers, conducting exams, adopting teaching methodologies for weaker students and IIT JEE training for high school students.
➧ I have excellent subject knowledge in Mathematics (8th to 12th standard, degree level and engineering level).


➧ M-tech in Communication Engineering
➧ B-tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering 


➧ Published a paper on “Illumination and color control in RGB light emitting diode”.
➧ Published a paper on “Hybrid adoption for doppler shift mitigation in aeronautical communication”.
➧ Published a paper on “ Prior channel estimation of MA antenna OFDM systems with low order constellation
➧ Attended a workshop on “management and volunteer training” in INCEPTION 2012
➧ Attended a workshop on “Arduino embedded platform” In TECHNOSCOOP 2012.


➧ Worked as a mathematics teacher for engineering students in IAS academy,Ernakulam.
➧ Worked as a mathematics teacher in Genius academy, Pathanamthitta.
➧ Worked as Senior HOD in Narayana E-techno school, Bangalore.
➧ Worked as a content reviewer for mathematics in Embibe
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