Speaking with confidence

English is conquering the world. Go to a new place and one needs to sustain ?! English helps you stay and survive.

Has being fluent in English stopped your progress in any way?

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Aims Of This Course

To master trainee’s comprehension of spoken English when used in meetings, presentations, conferences, and discussions on professional/business matters.
To expand student’s Business English vocabulary.
To improve student’s ability to speak effectively in various business situations e.g. negotiations, discussions with colleagues and clients, oral presentations, telephone conversations, etc..
To practice analytical approach to trainee’s speech by looking critically on speaking assignments.
To increase grammar awareness needed for effective business communication.
To boost trainee’s self-confidence and to polish their presentation skills when they introduce their business ideas.
To a large group of people by developing the ability of monitoring their speech successfully.

During This Course The Trainee Will

Learn how to organize their presentations in a successful way, i.e. effectively use professional English, skillfully control the speech content and their body language.
Improve their telephone skills.
Work on their people skills and learn how to negotiate in English.
Further practice and/or master their telephone skills.
Learn how to disagree/agree, report, ask for opinion, complain, negotiate, etc. in a polite and effective way by using professional Business English structures.
Use the skills acquired during the course in other contexts that typically occur at work (e.g. small talk, storytelling) so that informal phrases, L1 (First language) interference, incorrect pronunciation/grammar, etc. are limited to minimum.
Become aware of major differences in British and American variety of English used in business.
Raise his/her awareness regarding certain parts of speech and oral presentations, e.g. body language, correct pronunciation and intonation.