“ The prime motto of Sahara's Teachers Educational Training (STET) is to

The program focuses on enhancing and emphasizing the teaching profession which leads to the world’s growth. Empowering Effective Teaching is design to help teachers to increase their control of the class, build and enhance confidence, develop techniques to understand the mindset of the students so that teaching can be made effective. This workshop promises to be a meaningful, informative and a practical way to bring concepts to practice when addressing student’s all issues in a classroom setting.


Nowadays schools need to teach their students how to gain information and how to select and use them through e-learning system. This happen so quickly the students learn how to use the internet together with their teachers. Parents are involved in decision making, so they take part in life of the school. It is no longer enough to send the kids to school in the morning, pick them up in the afternoon. Parents have to view what is happening in the educational institution. Nowadays the entire learning process is through online platform. Parents, teacher as well as the students should have a proper knowledge about their e-learning process. Exam preparation is still important; the concept of learning to learn has slowly become a very important element of a teacher’s job.

STET mainly focuses on fresh Graduates/ Masters, UG/PG graduates who are seeking for a better career path and secondly, focuses on Engineering graduates who are passionate towards teaching at school. And finally, it focuses on non-graduates, homemakers and other non-teaching professionals who are seeking a reputed job to be respected in the society.


  • Trained by professionals
  • Demo classes for trainees with students during training
  • Introduction to all curriculums
  • Training based on different curriculum
  • Developing and understanding of Cambridge Program

Outcomes of the program

The program enables the effective usage of strategies for the students with:
  • Attention and concentration problems
  • Detailed Psychological and Educational Assessment       Interventional and remedial planning
  • Strategies to make effective classroom teaching and       management

STET Course Description

Professional Development Program includes vast variety of knowledge in providing in-depth knowledge in various curriculum with additional aspect in providing the Pedagogy of 2 schools. Subject based training for each individual and their requirement towards the growth of teaching profession. Additional training will be provided to the students as defined below.

  • Self Confidence
  • Fore knowledge
  • Eloquence
  • Timist
  • Resource requirement

Each student will have to ensure the availability of the resources to educate themselves as of to ensure the quality from Sahara Edu Live. The entire course is divided into three stages as below:

  • Stage 1:   Learning the process of teaching
  • Stage 2:  Teaching the students as a regular teacher
  • Stage 3:  Turning into a certified teacher

The total course is divided for three set of students based on their probability to become a successful teacher in a span of 6 months.

Level 01Graduates/Master36 Hours in a span of 3 Months
Level 02Engineering/Diploma/Technical46 Hours in a span of 3 Months
Level 03Non – Graduates46 Hours in a span of 3 Months
The course duration is one-time fee which provides indefinite access to an online course in productivity, including personalized support.The goal is for teachers to learn in three months & start tutoring students but rather,  to choose a target number that is realistic for the teachers, and is intentional about staying focused on things that are most beneficial to students.