Phonics and Handwriting Course in Dubai

Learn Handwriting and Phonics at your own pace. Start today and improve your skills. Get the best result with Sahara Education about Phonics Handwriting. 

Handwriting Course

Little Hands Learning

Make your child learn how to write.
Courses available for both print and cursive writing.
Print writing [3-5 years]
Cursive writing (5 years onwards)

Key focus will be:

* Pencil Gripping
* Letter Spacing
* Letter Alignment
* Speed Writing
* Readable Handwriting
* Improves mind and hand coordination
* Aquires skills to write smoothly & comfortably

Phonics Course

Our objective is to make your child

Course content skills:

– Learning the letter sound
– Letter Formation
– Blending
– Segmenting
– Tricky words
– Confusing c/k and many more
– English reading rules

Methodology: – Flash cards – Worksheets – Fun activities – Picture cards – Games – Brain development activities – Teaching aids