Migrating to another country?
Pursuing a degree in a college?
IELTS is mandatory.

International English Language Testing System is a standardized English test across the globe primarily used for immigration entry purposes to the English speaking countries and as a requirement for college entries. IELTS has 2 categories such as General and Academic where General category is used for immigration purposes and Academic category is for professional populace and student community.

Being a language test all the 4 modules of a language such as Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking are tested.

Listening & Speaking are the two common modules for general and academic unlike the reading and writing modules. As a 2 hour & 45 minute test as it is, where Listening happens for 40 minutes, Reading  & writing for an hour and speaking for 15 minutes, Listening and Reading are marked out for 40 questions carrying 1 mark each and Writing has2 tasks and speaking has 3 parts in it.

IELTS score is a cumulative of all the 4 modules and a drop in either of the modules could affect the overall score. Consistency along with focus, planned customized classes that help gain confidence and sessions that help reduce errors and help knowing the knack of reaching the desired score is the secret behind hacking a perfect IELTS score.

Why have tutors?

With a surplus amount of information available online, anyone could learn anything by themselves. But by wise counsel and corrections, it is quicker and easier to hack a test as IELTS. A tutor gets to understand that area of weakness and correct each and every time the error is made along with strategies and techniques to hit the level of mark that one aspires. Besides the fact that busy life schedules and work timings try to choke the level of enthusiasm and dedication towards a goal. Nonetheless, a tutor guides and follows your progress by providing suggestions and gives feedbacks on your task performances on your own convenient time at Sahara.