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The system has flexible learning schedule and advanced virtual learning support all the tuition support will be provided by Sahara Education Services and the Transcripts and Certificates will be provided by Enlightium.

Sahara has been the best education service provider for the past 4 years and now Sahara has turned over into a best education provider all across UAE and give a better quality education and make this world a better place tomorrow.

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Speak with us now & secure your place with the leader inĀ Homeschooling.Book a free consult. Quality, personalised, British syllabus education from the world’s leader inĀ homeschooling. British Syllabus. Online Learning 24/7. Live Teacher Access.

Sahara Education isĀ  licensed home schoolingĀ provider in UAE. OurĀ home schoolĀ program students are accepted globally in various universities.

"Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire."

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